In Rural Lebanon, Lessons for Children, and Humanity

David Wheeler / 16 Mar 2017 / Opinion

Two educational programs in the countryside north of Beirut for Syrian children show how ingenuity can create educational access for children.

Technology Can Make Learning Possible Anywhere

Cindy Bonfini-Hotlosz / 02 Dec 2016 / Opinion

The right solution for a challenging location like a refugee camp begins with a simple question: What will best support learning?

Meeting Syrian Students: A Mixture of Pride and Sadness

Rasha Faek / 04 Oct 2016 / Opinion

Syrian students face unique challenges. Still, many have been able to overcome many of them.

How Refugees Can Strengthen Economies

Ursula Lindsey / 24 Jul 2016 / Opinion

With the right policies, refugees can pump up rather than drain host country economies, scholars argue.

Dresden, a Top German Research Center, Beats Expectations

Eman Kamel / 04 May 2016 / Opinion

An Arab journalist’s visit to Dresden, a German city rich with history but troubled by a xenophobic minority, takes some surprising turns.

An Ambitious Agenda for the American University of Beirut

Fadlo R. Khuri / 04 Apr 2016 / Opinion

As the Lebanese university enters its 150th year, its new president has outlined big plans for what it needs to accomplish.

Syrian Professor’s Plea: Make Us Part of the Solution

Ammar Al-Ibrahim / 28 Feb 2016 / Opinion

A Syrian professor calls for educational institutions in the neighboring countries to benefit from Syrian professors’ experiences.

The Lack of Academic Documents is Ending Young Peoples’ Dreams

Rasha Faek / 25 Feb 2016 / Opinion

In countries neighboring Syria, Syrian students who don’t have official copies of academic documents are often shut out of education.

2016 Prediction: Individuals Not Governments Spur Educational Change

Rasha Faek / 13 Jan 2016 / Opinion

With the chances low for real change in educational policies in the region, the author believes informal initiatives may make an important difference.

The Resilient Spirit of the Syrians

David Wheeler / 14 Oct 2015 / Opinion

Some Syrians show a determination to turn the “lost generation” of Syrian youth into a found generation.