Moroccan Academic Plays Matchmaker Between Books and Readers

Ursula Lindsey / 19 Apr 2017 / Opinion

A retired professor hunts down books published in Morocco and makes them available to a wider audience. His challenges reflect the wider problems of Arab publishing.

A Dispatch from the Casablanca Book Salon

Ursula Lindsey / 20 Feb 2017 / Opinion

Morocco’s national book fair has a cosmopolitan feel, offering discussions, events and important new publications.

New Insights On the Arab World: 2016 Books

Ursula Lindsey / 12 Dec 2016 / Opinion

Ursula Lindsey offers up a cornucopia of fiction and nonfiction in Arabic, English and French for an intellectual feast.

A Conversation With One of the World’s Most Influential Arabic Teachers

Islam Alzeny / 09 Nov 2016 / Opinion

Students’ poor mastery of Arabic is caused by the poor instructional methods used, not the language itself, says Hanada Taha, the director of “Arabi21” project.

Increasing The Competitiveness of Arabic Language: Some Unusual Alternatives

Helen Abadzi / 21 Oct 2016 / Opinion

The challenge of Arabic script is one of the reasons behind Arab students’ disappointing performance results, the author explains.

Why Don’t Arabs Read?

Ursula Lindsey / 07 Jul 2016 / Opinion

Publishing statistics hint at low readership in the region, but many new ventures, large and small, seek to encourage reading.

A New Perspective on the Last Days of the Prophet

Ursula Lindsey / 12 Jun 2016 / Opinion

A Tunisian literature scholar looks at how the circumstances surrounding the death of the Prophet Mohamed have affected Islam.

A Conversation With a Literary Translation Team

Soraya Morayef / 11 Nov 2014 / Opinion

Two academics who collaborate on translations of Arabic literature into English talk about the joys and difficulties of their work.

A Conversation With the Head of the Higher Arab Institute of Translation

Rasha Faek / 19 Apr 2014 / Opinion

Arabic should be the main teaching language in the region but needs to be modernized, says Inam Bioud.