The Miscarriage Penalty

Jessica Winegar / 04 Jan 2017 / Opinion

The culture of silence surrounding miscarriage adds a further strain to the ability of female faculty members to succeed in academe, the writer says.

Writing Academic Books When You’re Not an Academic

Noah Berlatsky / 25 Sep 2016 / Opinion

Academic publishing is more open to nonacademics than ever … but economics forces work against those who don’t have a steady salary.

Deep Generation Gap: Arab Professors Vs. Students

Ursula Lindsey / 20 Sep 2016 / Opinion

Professors have long grumbled about the quality of students, and students about rigid professors, but the tension between them is now especially high.

Why Most Academics Will Always Be Bad Writers

Noah Berlatsky / 29 Jul 2016 / Opinion

No one should be surprised if much scholarly writing continues to be mediocre and confused.

Where are the Arabs? A Visit to a Global Conference

Rasha Faek / 20 Jun 2016 / Opinion

At one of the world’s largest international educational events, the agenda was rich and the audience diverse but visitors from Arab countries were hard to find.

Syrian Professor’s Plea: Make Us Part of the Solution

Ammar Al-Ibrahim / 28 Feb 2016 / Opinion

A Syrian professor calls for educational institutions in the neighboring countries to benefit from Syrian professors’ experiences.

2016 Prediction: Individuals Not Governments Spur Educational Change

Rasha Faek / 13 Jan 2016 / Opinion

With the chances low for real change in educational policies in the region, the author believes informal initiatives may make an important difference.

An Academic’s Hunger Strike for Freedom of Speech

Ursula Lindsey / 19 Oct 2015 / Opinion

A Moroccan intellectual has stopped eating, saying the government has blocked him from leaving the country.

A Conversation with the LAU President: Education and Lebanon’s Future

Ida Sophie Winter / 09 Oct 2015 / Opinion

Joseph Jabbra, the president of Lebanese American University, talks about steering his institution through difficult political and economic times.

When a “Solution” Becomes a Problem

Ehab Hamdi / 21 Sep 2015 / Opinion

An attempt at preventing overcrowding in economics and mass communications faculties at Cairo University introduces other negatives.