Academic Freedom in Egypt Needs More Vocal Support

Mohamed Abdel Salam / 07 Feb 2017 / Opinion

A writer calls for a unified approach to support academic freedom in Egypt.

A Conversation With a Scholar Who Has Been Sentenced to Death

Burton Bollag / 19 Jun 2016 / Opinion

Emad Shahin, a political scientist in exile from the American University of Cairo, talks about the lack of academic freedom in his home country of Egypt.

Foreign Researchers in Egypt Are Being Harassed

Mohamed Abdel Salam / 15 Apr 2016 / Opinion

An Egyptian independent organization says the banning of foreign researchers from entering the country is largely based on their anti-government stances.

The Price of Egypt’s Anti-Cosmopolitanism

Ursula Lindsey / 23 Feb 2016 / Opinion

The death of an Italian graduate student also speaks to Egypt’s attitude toward research, knowledge, and the international connections of its scholars.

The Murder of My Friend Giulio Regeni Was an Attack on Academic Freedom

Neil Pyper / 08 Feb 2016 / Opinion

The tragic disappearance and murder of Cambridge Ph.D. student in Cairo has come as a profound shock for the international academic community.

Arab Universities Often Silent in Debates on Public Space

Ursula Lindsey / 24 Nov 2015 / Opinion

Academic architecture departments are absent from important political discussions of the built environment in the Arab world, argues the author.

Education: The Only Weapon Left

Asma' Jawabreh / 24 Oct 2015 / Opinion

In her last year in university, Asma’ Jawabreh writes about the difficulties she faces as the Israel-Palestine conflict flares up again.

An Academic’s Hunger Strike for Freedom of Speech

Ursula Lindsey / 19 Oct 2015 / Opinion

A Moroccan intellectual has stopped eating, saying the government has blocked him from leaving the country.

Academic Freedom is Not Just a Generic Human Right

Mohamed Abdel Salam / 18 Aug 2015 / Opinion

Academic freedom is different from university independence, and more than just a basic human right. The distinctions are important, argues the author.

The Egyptian Minister of Higher Education Gives His Views

Elsayed Ahmed Abdelkhalek / 14 Jul 2015 / Opinion

The Egyptian minister of higher education writes about the improvements in the universities there and the stability that has been achieved.