In Rural Lebanon, Lessons for Children, and Humanity

David Wheeler / 16 Mar 2017 / Opinion

Two educational programs in the countryside north of Beirut for Syrian children show how ingenuity can create educational access for children.

New Insights On the Arab World: 2016 Books

Ursula Lindsey / 12 Dec 2016 / Opinion

Ursula Lindsey offers up a cornucopia of fiction and nonfiction in Arabic, English and French for an intellectual feast.

Technology Can Make Learning Possible Anywhere

Cindy Bonfini-Hotlosz / 02 Dec 2016 / Opinion

The right solution for a challenging location like a refugee camp begins with a simple question: What will best support learning?

Meeting Syrian Students: A Mixture of Pride and Sadness

Rasha Faek / 04 Oct 2016 / Opinion

Syrian students face unique challenges. Still, many have been able to overcome many of them.

Intense Traffic: U.S. Teacher Meets Syrian Students

Jeffrey R. Young / 27 Sep 2016 / Opinion

A U.S.-based journalist spends three days running a multimedia workshop with students who have fled the Syrian conflict.

Palestinian Roots, Syrian Home, U.S. Destination

Riham Alkousaa / 17 Sep 2016 / Opinion

A young writer makes a leap of faith turning down British and European scholarships, and heads for New York City.

In Homs, a “Battle for Home”

Ursula Lindsey / 12 Sep 2016 / Opinion

A young Syrian architect uses her hometown as a basis for reflecting on the larger social and political role of architecture.

How Refugees Can Strengthen Economies

Ursula Lindsey / 24 Jul 2016 / Opinion

With the right policies, refugees can pump up rather than drain host country economies, scholars argue.

Who Defines “Excellence” in Education? And How?

Clara Morgan / 13 May 2016 / Opinion

A more inclusive approach to improving educational quality in the Arab region could be the best solution.

Syrian Professor’s Plea: Make Us Part of the Solution

Ammar Al-Ibrahim / 28 Feb 2016 / Opinion

A Syrian professor calls for educational institutions in the neighboring countries to benefit from Syrian professors’ experiences.