Academy Awards Fellowships For Improving Teaching

Benjamin Plackett / 10 Sep 2016 / News

A new fellowship program introduces Arab teachers to best practices, and to each other.

How to Break the Informal Ban on Studying Evolution

Benjamin Plackett / 07 Apr 2016 / News

Despite the strong bias in many Arab countries against the study of evolution, some scientists find a way. Their secret? Strong patrons.

In a Dry Country, Gardening Becomes Education

Eman Kamel / 24 Sep 2015 / News

Small gardens can become powerful teaching tools that help children understand the basics of sustainability.

Meet The American University of Beirut’s New President

Benjamin Plackett / 12 Jul 2015 / News

The American University of Beirut’s incoming president, a prominent cancer researcher, has new ambitions for the venerable institution.

How Teaching in English Divides the Arab World

Ursula Lindsey / 19 Jun 2015 / News

Learning the language helps students get access to global jobs, but critics say it threatens the region’s culture.

Arab Classrooms Frequently Ignore History

Benjamin Plackett / 10 Mar 2015 / News

Lebanon’s classrooms often skip a half century of history, a case study of what happens elsewhere in the region.

Are Private Universities Worth the Money?

Rasha Faek, Sarah Lynch / 23 Jan 2015 / News

Families across the Arab region debate where to send their sons and daughters—public university or private one? There is no easy answer.

Turkey’s Foundation Universities: Model for the Region?

Sarah Lynch / 13 Jan 2015 / News

Wealthy business leaders in Turkey have, for decades now, poured much of their money into cultural foundations that have also established universities.

Is the Arab World Ready for More Investigative Journalism?

Rasha Faek / 28 Apr 2014 / News

Arab professors discussed integrating investigative journalism into their courses at a workshop in Jordan.

Gulf Faces Personnel Shortages in Education and Healthcare

/ 06 Mar 2014 / News

The demand for professors, nurses and similar occupations is rapidly outstripping the supply in the region.