In The Midst of War, Syria Raises Enrollment Fees

Mokhtar Alibrahim / 20 Jan 2017 / News

Students say fee increases make life even more difficult.

Rising Educational Costs Weigh on Palestinian Students

Asma' Jawabreh / 14 Nov 2016 / News

Students in Palestine are surrounded by a weak economy with high unemployment and dwindling donor support. Rising tuition is the last straw for many.

The Price of Master’s and Doctoral Degrees Jumps in Egypt

Mai Shams El-Din / 08 Sep 2016 / News

Study beyond a bachelor’s degree suddenly gets more expensive, hitting dental and medical students particularly hard.

Two Parallel Universes In Algerian Education

Toufik Bougaada / 16 Aug 2016 / News

Students are protesting the confused route to master’s and doctoral degrees in the North African country.

Shielding Students from Dictators

Burton Bollag / 03 Jul 2016 / News

Students are banding together informally to find ways to protect themselves against the harsh repression of authoritarian governments.

Imprisoned Students In Egypt Struggle To Complete Their Degrees

Amr EL-Tohamy / 20 Apr 2016 / News

Pursuing university studies in jail is legally possible in Egypt. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Muslim Ambassadors on an American Campus

Karin Fischer / 30 Mar 2016 / News

Like it or not, women in the United States on Saudi study-abroad programs find themselves representing the Muslim world.

Strict Tunisian Drug Laws Put Students in Jail

Ibtissem Jamel / 16 Mar 2016 / News

Tunisian law is tough on illegal drugs, leaving many young people in prison when they would rather be on university campuses.

Slowed Saudi Education Spending Felt in U.S.

Burton Bollag / 28 Feb 2016 / News

The intensive English programs that are a first stop for many Saudi students in the United States report falling Saudi enrollments.

Displaced Syrian Private Universities Struggle to Educate Their Students

Mokhtar Alibrahim / 05 Feb 2016 / News

The challenges faced by Syrian private universities encapsulate the difficult conditions under which educators and students are operating as war drags on.