Challenges of Academic Research in the Midst of War

Eman Kamel / 05 Jan 2017 / News

To get insights into armed conflicts, academics need to conduct research in conflict zones, but such research poses methodological, logistical and ethical challenges.

Refugee Youth Traumatized by War: Overwhelmed, Understudied

Benjamin Plackett / 11 Dec 2016 / News

Research with refugee children is scarce, but what research there is shows a strong need for early intervention, and a risk of perpetuating a cycle of violence.

Young Syrians Take Their Chances in Sudan

Rasha Faek, Tarek Abd El-Galil / 06 Dec 2016 / News

Sudan is the one Arab country that allows Syrians unconditional entry. But they face difficulties settling there, especially in education.

A Double Win: Educating Syrians to be Teachers

Jeffrey R. Young / 04 Dec 2016 / News

In Lebanon, a diploma program improves teaching in the classrooms for refugee children and opens employment possibilities for Syrian university graduates.

Refugee Status Forces A Student to Switch His Studies

Hamad Othman / 18 Nov 2016 / News

Basim Abdallah started out studying law at the University of Damascus. Now he is studying Arabic in Jordan, trapped by educational and employment restrictions.

Slamming the Door in Syrian Faces

Rasha Faek, Sarah Lynch / 01 Nov 2016 / News

Syrians seeking to leave their country and neighboring countries to reach greater economic and educational opportunity are finding themselves trapped.

Wider Lessons From Vocational Education for Refugees

Benjamin Plackett / 01 Nov 2016 / News

UNICEF report shows how lessons learned from vocational training for refugees could help Arab students across the region find jobs.

Supporting Women’s Leadership for a Post-Conflict Syria

Sarah Lynch / 20 Oct 2016 / News

Scholarships and other programs seek to build what Syria will need when war is over.

Europe’s Universities Respond to Refugee Crisis

Patrick Costello / 17 Oct 2016 / News

Initiatives that get students back in class quickly are taking root.

A Workshop Explores How Digital Education Can Help Refugees

Jamie Martines / 04 Oct 2016 / News

Scholarships at brick-and-mortar institutions are only part of the solution. At a workshop, participants discussed applying online education to help refugees.