2 Egyptian Universities Start Religion-Blind Admission

Jacob Wirtschafter / 13 Jan 2017 / News

Cairo University and Ain Shams University have stopped requiring applicants and students to list their religion on official forms.

In Damascus, Little Water, Little Education

Rasha Faek / 12 Jan 2017 / News

The safety of children at schools is at risk following the water shortage in the Syrian capital.

Five Years After the Arab Spring, Report Warns of New Uprising

Edward Fox / 11 Dec 2016 / News

With two thirds of the Arab population under 30, a United Nations agency makes an urgent call for economic and political reform.

Muslim Students Apprehensive About Post-Election America

Burton Bollag / 15 Nov 2016 / News

Attacks and other hostile acts against Muslim students have left foreign students wary about their status in the United States.

Circles of Trust: New Insights Into Arab Youth

Ursula Lindsey / 31 Oct 2016 / News

A consortium of researchers who have studied young people in five Arab countries and Turkey find that young people place most of their confidence in their family network.

Two Gulf Countries Limit Students Sent to Egypt

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 11 Oct 2016 / News

Saudi Arabia and Qatar say forged degrees and poor academic standards are reasons. Qatar’s decision includes undergraduates.

The End of Sanctions Opens Iran’s Academic Gates

Rasha Faek / 26 Aug 2016 / News

Iran is expanding its higher-education connections internationally, although it faces reticence in the Arab world.

Imprisoned Students In Egypt Struggle To Complete Their Degrees

Amr EL-Tohamy / 20 Apr 2016 / News

Pursuing university studies in jail is legally possible in Egypt. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Turkey Offers Refuge to Expelled Egyptian Students

Amr EL-Tohamy / 15 Dec 2015 / News

After being thrown out of Egyptian universities because of their political activities, many Egyptian students have headed to Turkey to pursue their education.

Student Elections Reflect Egypt’s Muffled Political Life

Ahmed ElShamy / 29 Nov 2015 / News

Student elections have been a quiet affair this fall as students have begun to shy away from politics.