Research—Latest Weapon Against Female Genital Mutilation in the Arab World

Benjamin Plackett / 20 Apr 2017 / News

Academics in the region are taking on FGM and providing much needed data to help combat the practice.

Women and Islam: A Topic that Troubles

Ursula Lindsey / 10 Mar 2017 / News

Hatoon al Fassi, a Saudi scholar, has provoked controversy in Qatar for arguing that the Koran, correctly interpreted, supports the empowerment of women.

A Role Model For Female Arab Scientists

Benjamin Plackett / 20 Nov 2016 / News

A biologist is this year’s Qatar recipient of the L’Oréal-Unesco for Women in Science Middle East Fellowship award, for her research on microbiota.

Supporting Women’s Leadership for a Post-Conflict Syria

Sarah Lynch / 20 Oct 2016 / News

Scholarships and other programs seek to build what Syria will need when war is over.

A Battle Over Veils at Cairo University

Ahmed ElShamy / 22 Feb 2016 / News

An ever-widening ban on female professors wearing veils at Cairo University reflects a broader academic controversy.

The Legacy of Fatema Mernissi, Moroccan Feminist and Scholar

Ursula Lindsey / 21 Jan 2016 / News

Sociologist Fatema Mernissi published ground-breaking, wide-ranging scholarship that influenced a generation of Arab feminists.

Survey: Overcoming Young Arab Women’s Difficulties In Getting a First Job

Benjamin Plackett / 13 Dec 2015 / News

A new report outlines possible solutions to difficulties young women in the region face when finding a first job.

Survey Finds Frequent Sexual Harassment on Jordan’s Campuses

Saba Abu Farha / 22 Sep 2015 / News

An informal poll of female students in Jordan suggests sexual harassment is a widespread problem.

A Renaissance Woman at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Benjamin Plackett / 02 Jul 2015 / News

The head of cultural outreach at the modern-day library of Alexandria has worked with underground cables and overhead planetarium displays and broadened the library’s influence.

In Bahrain, Men are Scarce in Universities

Islam Alzeny / 16 Jun 2015 / News

As in many other Gulf countries, fewer men than women make it to university in Bahrain.