Sudanese Diaspora Seeks to Support Education

Alaa Shibeika / 26 Sep 2016 / News

Although many of Sudan’s best and brightest have fled the country, they band together to support education and research.

Zaha Hadid: Architect and Mentor

Paul Ames / 04 Apr 2016 / News

The appreciation that has flowed for the Baghdad-born architect and her buildings has often neglected the time that she has spent teaching.

Tunisian Academics Still Under Threat After the Jasmine Revolution

Khaoula Sliti / 14 Feb 2016 / News

Religious conservatives are using accusations of atheism and other tactics to try to silence Tunisian academics.

Palestinian Professors’ Strike Ends Early

Asma' Jawabreh / 08 Feb 2016 / News

A labor action by Palestinian faculty members was halted after the education ministry indicated it would meet some of their demands.

Group Challenges Forced “Donations” by Cairo U. Professors

Ahmed ElShamy / 26 Jan 2016 / News

An independent group is fighting in court a Cairo University practice of asking professors for donations before they can travel. The group says the donations are forced. The university says they are optional.

Egyptian Finance Ministry Gives Professors a Pay Cut

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 09 Nov 2015 / News

The Egyptian Ministry of Finance is imposing higher taxes on public-university professors’ salaries, pushing already frustrated faculty members to speak out.

In an Arab University, an Advocate of Diversity

Benjamin Plackett, Nour Al-Ali / 03 Nov 2015 / News

A finalist for an Airbus Group diversity award says the key to success for engineering teams is a variety of backgrounds, opinions and views.

Students at the University of Bahrain Say Faculty Quality is Going Down

Islam Alzeny / 27 Sep 2015 / News

Students at the biggest university in the kingdom say they are getting more professors with little experience and difficult-to-understand accents.

A Hidden Barrier to Arab Students’ Education

Ibtissem Jamel, Rim Hayat Chaif, Tarek Abd El-Galil, Tasneem Mohamed / 15 Sep 2015 / News

The difficulties many Arab students face getting to their universities makes it hard for many to complete their education.

The Doha Heat Drives Most Academics to Cooler Climes

Shereena Qazi / 13 Aug 2015 / News

In summer, most academics flee Qatar for travel or family time. But a few stay behind.