Iraqi Universities Focus on Teaching English

Michelle Grajek / 25 Jan 2017 / News

Two new English-language teaching centers open in Iraq, to meet demand from Iraqi employers.

Young Arabs Don’t Want to Emigrate, New Study Says

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 14 Dec 2016 / News

Young Arabs face countless difficulties in trying to build a future, but contrary to many other reports a new study says most of them do not want to leave their countries.

A Surprising Libyan Success Story—Cake

Edward Fox / 25 Nov 2016 / News

A female entrepreneur spotted a gap in the food market, and found a way to fill it, despite civil war. Can her success be repeated?

UAE Handbook Seeks to Predict Future Labor Needs

Edward Fox / 09 Oct 2016 / News

A 600-page occupational-outlook handbook undergoing a revision seeks to answer a common question: What jobs will be most needed in the future?

Profiles of the Displaced: Iraqi Doctor in Jordan

Gilgamesh Nabeel / 29 Jun 2016 / News

Graduates forced to leave war-torn countries find delays and frustration in their path to jobs.

Iraqi Career Centers Try to Steer Students to Jobs

Gilgamesh Nabeel / 31 May 2016 / News

With job opportunities shrinking, campus-based career centers are helping graduates’ to get the employment that does exist.

Strict Tunisian Drug Laws Put Students in Jail

Ibtissem Jamel / 16 Mar 2016 / News

Tunisian law is tough on illegal drugs, leaving many young people in prison when they would rather be on university campuses.

The German Jordanian University Seeks to Prepare Graduates for Global Employment

Benjamin Plackett / 13 Jan 2016 / News

A joint project of the German and Jordanian governments creates tri-lingual students with internship experience who regularly land jobs.

Egypt Reconsiders “Open Learning”

Ahmed ElShamy / 12 Jan 2016 / News

Students who seek to study on flexible schedules are concerned that their degrees, already discriminated against, may be officially demoted.

Survey: Overcoming Young Arab Women’s Difficulties In Getting a First Job

Benjamin Plackett / 13 Dec 2015 / News

A new report outlines possible solutions to difficulties young women in the region face when finding a first job.