Participation in Student Activities Drops in Egypt

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 23 May 2017 / News

Egyptian universities have witnessed a marked decline in the number of student activities for political and economic reasons, a new report says.

Bahrain Protects Its Archaeological Heritage

Benjamin Plackett / 03 Mar 2017 / News

When economic development clashes with archaeology, Manama could offer a model for other Arab countries.

Getting Books Into the Hands of Arab Readers

Ursula Lindsey / 10 Feb 2017 / News

Grassroots and government initiatives hope to spread a culture of reading in the Arab region.

New Egyptian High-School Exam Seeks to Fight Cheating

Menna A. Farouk / 23 Jan 2017 / News

Ministry of Education hopes exam papers will be harder to leak on social media.

Importing Higher Education: A Qatari Experiment

Burton Bollag / 14 Jul 2016 / News

It’s been close to 20 years since the founding of Education City, the cluster of Western university campuses in Doha. What has been achieved?

Exams in Tents: A Symbol of Deterioration?

Ahmed ElShamy / 01 Jul 2016 / News

Cairo University students say university services and facilities are declining. The administration says it is being fiscally responsible.

Lebanese American University’s Unique Perch in New York

Benjamin Plackett / 23 Jun 2016 / News

The university increases its reach in the West while keeping things simple.

A Peek Inside Mauritanian Higher Education

Ursula Lindsey / 16 Jun 2016 / News

Mauritania’s minister of higher education gives a glimpse of that country’s educational challenges, and how it is trying to meet them.

Meet The American University of Beirut’s New President

Benjamin Plackett / 12 Jul 2015 / News

The American University of Beirut’s incoming president, a prominent cancer researcher, has new ambitions for the venerable institution.

Education Ministers Rub Elbows in Abu Dhabi

Nour Al-Ali / 24 Mar 2015 / News

At the Gulf Education Conference, government officials shared their plans for the future.