Five Years After the Arab Spring, Report Warns of New Uprising

Edward Fox / 11 Dec 2016 / News

With two thirds of the Arab population under 30, a United Nations agency makes an urgent call for economic and political reform.

A Surprising Libyan Success Story—Cake

Edward Fox / 25 Nov 2016 / News

A female entrepreneur spotted a gap in the food market, and found a way to fill it, despite civil war. Can her success be repeated?

New Report Strikes an Optimistic Note on Arab Education

Wagdy Sawahel / 11 Nov 2016 / News

The U.K.-based Commonwealth Secretariat ranks Arab countries as doing fairly well on Arab educational development, compared to their international peers.

Online Event About Evolution for Arabic Readers is Shut Down

Gilgamesh Nabeel / 10 Dec 2015 / News

Fourteen Arab groups organized an online event to help explain evolution, but the event appears to have been a cyber-attack victim.

Forgotten War, Forgotten Country, Forgotten Universities

Abdel Moneim Alaghima, Reda Fhelboom / 07 Nov 2015 / News

Libya’s civil war has slipped from the international limelight. Many of its universities are closed: Others are struggling to start the academic year.

Libya’s Foreign Scholarship Program Is Crumbling

Abdel Moneim Alaghima, John Dyer / 09 Jul 2015 / News

The government program that supports thousands of Libyan students appears to be ending and is paying students and universities extremely erratically.

Little-Noticed Libyan War Has a Big Effect on Education

Reda Fhelboom / 15 Sep 2014 / News

The fighting raging among Libyan armed factions is blocking the start of the academic year for many students.

As the School Year Starts, Many Refugees are Shut Out

/ 15 Sep 2014 / News

As conflict arcs through a cluster of Arab countries, a whole generation may be sidelined from education.

Libyan Scholarship Program is Chaotic at Times

John Dyer, Mohamed Elmeshad, Reda Fhelboom / 09 Jul 2014 / News

Students and university administrators tell of delayed payments and poor screening of those receiving scholarships.

A London Glimpse of Libyan Higher Education

Mohamed Elmeshad / 17 Jun 2014 / News

A meeting on Libyan universities revealed the difficulties they face as they recuperate from extended isolation.