Jordanian Student Suspended for Opposing Tuition Hike

Hamad Othman / 14 Feb 2017 / News

Jordanian universities restrain student movements by expelling their leaders .

Five Years After the Arab Spring, Report Warns of New Uprising

Edward Fox / 11 Dec 2016 / News

With two thirds of the Arab population under 30, a United Nations agency makes an urgent call for economic and political reform.

Refugee Status Forces A Student to Switch His Studies

Hamad Othman / 18 Nov 2016 / News

Basim Abdallah started out studying law at the University of Damascus. Now he is studying Arabic in Jordan, trapped by educational and employment restrictions.

New Report Strikes an Optimistic Note on Arab Education

Wagdy Sawahel / 11 Nov 2016 / News

The U.K.-based Commonwealth Secretariat ranks Arab countries as doing fairly well on Arab educational development, compared to their international peers.

Wider Lessons From Vocational Education for Refugees

Benjamin Plackett / 01 Nov 2016 / News

UNICEF report shows how lessons learned from vocational training for refugees could help Arab students across the region find jobs.

Profiles of the Displaced: Iraqi Doctor in Jordan

Gilgamesh Nabeel / 29 Jun 2016 / News

Graduates forced to leave war-torn countries find delays and frustration in their path to jobs.

Study Explores the Deep Frustrations of Arab Youth

Rasha Faek / 25 Apr 2016 / News

A new study found the refugee crisis isn’t just hurting young refugees—it is pushing an entire generation of Arab youth toward hopelessness.

In Jordan, a U.K. University Tries a New Twist in Internationalization

Benjamin Plackett / 22 Mar 2016 / News

To serve Syrian refugees in Jordan is just one part of the University of Bath’s broader strategy here.

Seeking Soft Power, China Expands Activities in Arab Higher Education

Wagdy Sawahel / 01 Feb 2016 / News

A policy paper from the Chinese government on the Arab world proposes broad educational cooperation.

Jordanian Researcher Hopes To Create Wearable Medical Technology

Benjamin Plackett / 18 Jan 2016 / News

One researcher is trying to marry textiles and electronics to improve medical data collection.