Bahrain Protects Its Archaeological Heritage

Benjamin Plackett / 03 Mar 2017 / News

When economic development clashes with archaeology, Manama could offer a model for other Arab countries.

Five Years After the Arab Spring, Report Warns of New Uprising

Edward Fox / 11 Dec 2016 / News

With two thirds of the Arab population under 30, a United Nations agency makes an urgent call for economic and political reform.

New Report Strikes an Optimistic Note on Arab Education

Wagdy Sawahel / 11 Nov 2016 / News

The U.K.-based Commonwealth Secretariat ranks Arab countries as doing fairly well on Arab educational development, compared to their international peers.

Academy Awards Fellowships For Improving Teaching

Benjamin Plackett / 10 Sep 2016 / News

A new fellowship program introduces Arab teachers to best practices, and to each other.

A Research Victory in Bahrain, But With Limits

Islam Alzeny / 04 Jul 2016 / News

A research team managed to produce Bahrain’s first genetically modified animal, but a lack of funding threatens the research’s future.

Arab-World Archaeologists Must Avoid Disturbing Islamic Graves

Benjamin Plackett / 24 May 2016 / News

Genetic analysis on skeletons of humans who died since the birth of Islam is almost nonexistent.

Need a Research Paper? Buy One in Bahrain

Islam Alzeny / 01 Feb 2016 / News

Buying ready-made research is spreading in popularity among students at the University of Bahrain. Punishment and education are two of the proposed responses.

Students at the University of Bahrain Say Faculty Quality is Going Down

Islam Alzeny / 27 Sep 2015 / News

Students at the biggest university in the kingdom say they are getting more professors with little experience and difficult-to-understand accents.

In Bahrain, Men are Scarce in Universities

Islam Alzeny / 16 Jun 2015 / News

As in many other Gulf countries, fewer men than women make it to university in Bahrain.

Social Sciences Growing in the Arab World—But Slowly

Rasha Faek / 24 Mar 2015 / News

A new report found modest growth among the social sciences, but experts fear they are still at risk.