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Two Gulf Countries Limit Students Sent to Egypt

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 11 Oct 2016 / News

Saudi Arabia and Qatar say forged degrees and poor academic standards are reasons. Qatar’s decision includes undergraduates.

Thyroid Cancer Overtreated, Qatari Study Finds

Benjamin Plackett / 10 Oct 2016 / News

A Qatari study of thyroid cancer using Australian post-mortem data suggests the disease is being treated too aggressively.

UAE Handbook Seeks to Predict Future Labor Needs

Edward Fox / 09 Oct 2016 / News

A 600-page occupational-outlook handbook undergoing a revision seeks to answer a common question: What jobs will be most needed in the future?

Amplifying the Voices of Global-South Scholars

Maha Bali / 07 Oct 2016 / Opinion

The writer discusses what are the possible ways to strengthen the voices of scholars from the Global South.

Intense Traffic: U.S. Teacher Meets Syrian Students

Jeffrey R. Young / 27 Sep 2016 / Opinion

A U.S.-based journalist spends three days running a multimedia workshop with students who have fled the Syrian conflict.

Sudanese Diaspora Seeks to Support Education

Alaa Shibeika / 26 Sep 2016 / News

Although many of Sudan’s best and brightest have fled the country, they band together to support education and research.

Syrian Researcher Focuses on Arab World Climate Change

Benjamin Plackett / 26 Sep 2016 / News

After an arduous journey, Ahmad Sadiddin now works as an agricultural economist in Italy.

Writing Academic Books When You’re Not an Academic

Noah Berlatsky / 25 Sep 2016 / Opinion

Academic publishing is more open to nonacademics than ever … but economics forces work against those who don’t have a steady salary.

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