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Profiles of the Displaced: Iraqi Doctor in Jordan

Gilgamesh Nabeel / 29 Jun 2016 / News

Graduates forced to leave war-torn countries find delays and frustration in their path to jobs.

A Conversation With Ahmed Galal El-Sayed, on the Future of Open Learning in Egypt

Islam Alzeny / 18 Jun 2016 / Opinion

The director of Ain Shams University’s Open Learning Center talks about ways to develop and ensure the quality of continuing education.

Sexual Harassment at the American University in Cairo

Whitney Buchanan / 16 Jun 2016 / Opinion

After being personally sexually harassed inside the campus, the writer calls the American University in Cairo to adopt more stringent measures against sexual harassment.

Courage to Think Defender Award Given to Egyptian Scholars and Students

Burton Bollag / 14 Jun 2016 / News

The Scholars at Risk network has given its highest award to those professors and students in Egypt who have suffered under the military government’s crackdown on freedom of speech.

In the Developing World, Connectivity is Essential for Digital Learning

Maha Bali / 14 Jun 2016 / Opinion

Connectivity, not content, is the crucial feature that gives digital learning its power, the author argues.

A New Perspective on the Last Days of the Prophet

Ursula Lindsey / 12 Jun 2016 / Opinion

A Tunisian literature scholar looks at how the circumstances surrounding the death of the Prophet Mohamed have affected Islam.