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In Homs, a “Battle for Home”

Ursula Lindsey / 12 Sep 2016 / Opinion

A young Syrian architect uses her hometown as a basis for reflecting on the larger social and political role of architecture.

Academy Awards Fellowships For Improving Teaching

Benjamin Plackett / 10 Sep 2016 / News

A new fellowship program introduces Arab teachers to best practices, and to each other.

A New Self-Assessment Tool for Universities

Lori Mason, Rebecca Ward / 09 Sep 2016 / Opinion

Self-assessment can give universities in developing countries a head start for improvement, a tool more relevant than rankings.

The Price of Master’s and Doctoral Degrees Jumps in Egypt

Mai Shams El-Din / 08 Sep 2016 / News

Study beyond a bachelor’s degree suddenly gets more expensive, hitting dental and medical students particularly hard.

Building on Experience With Digital Education for Refugees

Barbara Moser-Mercer / 06 Sep 2016 / Opinion

A veteran practitioner describes what she considers to be some of the conditions for success in online refugee education. 

Syrian-Palestinian Seeks Swedish Pharmacy Degree

Muhammad Atef Fares / 06 Sep 2016 / News

Free language classes and recognition of refugees’ potential contributions have made Sweden a haven for many asylum seekers.