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Muslim Students Apprehensive About Post-Election America

Burton Bollag / 15 Nov 2016 / News

Attacks and other hostile acts against Muslim students have left foreign students wary about their status in the United States.

What Education Should Look Like After Da’esh

Mosul Eye / 15 Nov 2016 / Opinion

A commentator describes what education should be like after coalition forces have expelled Islamic State forces from Mosul.

Social Scientists Work Amid Rising Suspicion

Benjamin Plackett / 14 Nov 2016 / News

Arab researchers in the social sciences have always faced intense government scrutiny. Now they say it’s getting worse.

The University of Mosul Could Show the Way in Post-War Reconstruction

Katerina Siira, Thomas Hill / 13 Nov 2016 / Opinion

Many of those displaced from Mosul are deeply committed to their home. Harnessing their ideas and energy will be key when the battle to recapture the city is over, argue the authors.

New Report Strikes an Optimistic Note on Arab Education

Wagdy Sawahel / 11 Nov 2016 / News

The U.K.-based Commonwealth Secretariat ranks Arab countries as doing fairly well on Arab educational development, compared to their international peers.

A Conversation With One of the World’s Most Influential Arabic Teachers

Islam Alzeny / 09 Nov 2016 / Opinion

Students’ poor mastery of Arabic is caused by the poor instructional methods used, not the language itself, says Hanada Taha, the director of “Arabi21” project.

In the Arab World, an Academic Freedom Report Focuses on Egypt

Edward Fox / 08 Nov 2016 / News

The Academic Freedom Monitoring Report, a project of Scholars at Risk, has highlighted Egypt, especially the bans there that prevent professors from traveling.

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