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In Berlin, a Syrian Student Teaches Refugees

Patrick Costello / 23 Jul 2016 / News

A Syrian who came to Germany as a student is offering technology and programming education to refugees.

In Sudan, U.S. Sanctions Cripple Higher Education

Alaa Shibeika / 18 Jul 2016 / Opinion

Local scientific organizations and scholars use workarounds to continue their research under difficult conditions.

Why Don’t Arabs Read?

Ursula Lindsey / 07 Jul 2016 / Opinion

Publishing statistics hint at low readership in the region, but many new ventures, large and small, seek to encourage reading.

A Research Victory in Bahrain, But With Limits

Islam Alzeny / 04 Jul 2016 / News

A research team managed to produce Bahrain’s first genetically modified animal, but a lack of funding threatens the research’s future.

Shielding Students from Dictators

Burton Bollag / 03 Jul 2016 / News

Students are banding together informally to find ways to protect themselves against the harsh repression of authoritarian governments.

Exams in Tents: A Symbol of Deterioration?

Ahmed ElShamy / 01 Jul 2016 / News

Cairo University students say university services and facilities are declining. The administration says it is being fiscally responsible.