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New Drive for “People-to-People Education” in Region

Mai Shams El-Din / 24 May 2016 / News

Web-based learning platforms aim to boost educational opportunities in the Arab world.

Higher Education Could Support Kurdistan’s Economic Recovery

Lori Mason / 19 May 2016 / Opinion

A region once considered Iraq’s success story has fallen down into troubled times. Higher education could help it climb back up.

New Research Path Offers Hope For Gulf’s Coral Reefs

Benjamin Plackett / 17 May 2016 / News

Genetics research could help the region’s struggling coral reefs to fight back.

Engineers and Jihadists: The Curious Connection

Ursula Lindsey / 10 May 2016 / Opinion

A new book tries to solve the puzzle of why engineering students are overrepresented among Islamist radicals.

Arts Back on the Agenda in Assiut

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 09 May 2016 / News

Students and professors welcome the return of artistic activities in Assiut University after years of conservative Islamic suppression.

Palestinian Student Faces the End of Her Undergraduate Experience

Asma' Jawabreh / 07 May 2016 / Opinion

The barriers Asma’ Jawabreh faces as she tries to complete her senior project offer some last lessons as she finishes her undergraduate education.