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Researcher Suggests a Way to Protect Refugees’ Babies From Stress

Benjamin Plackett / 12 Aug 2016 / News

A Syrian scientist in California is working to improve mental-health outcomes for babies born during wartime.

Survey Gives Panoramic View of Arab Higher Education

Karma El Hassan / 10 Aug 2016 / Opinion

A survey of universities across the MENA region shows many are checking students’ learning outcomes and institutional quality.

Young Researchers’ Funding Struggles Magnified in the Arab World

Benjamin Plackett / 08 Aug 2016 / News

A recent study of the difficulties young U.S. researchers face echoes in the Middle East—but the story is slightly different.

Why Social Science Risks Irrelevance

Danah Boyd / 05 Aug 2016 / Opinion

The privilege to pursue knowledge carries a responsibility to share it with the world.

Learning the Right Language is Key for Refugees

Benjamin Plackett / 04 Aug 2016 / Resources

For Syrian refugee students, the choice of which language to learn is key, and not always obvious, says a new report.

Inspiring Youth: A Personal Tribute to Ahmed Zewail

Maha Bali / 03 Aug 2016 / Opinion

A professor recalls how her personal encounters with Ahmed Zewail, the Nobel-Prize winning Egyptian scientist who died yesterday, have changed her life.

Why Most Academics Will Always Be Bad Writers

Noah Berlatsky / 29 Jul 2016 / Opinion

No one should be surprised if much scholarly writing continues to be mediocre and confused.