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Deep Generation Gap: Arab Professors Vs. Students

Ursula Lindsey / 20 Sep 2016 / Opinion

Professors have long grumbled about the quality of students, and students about rigid professors, but the tension between them is now especially high.

Palestinian Roots, Syrian Home, U.S. Destination

Riham Alkousaa / 17 Sep 2016 / Opinion

A young writer makes a leap of faith turning down British and European scholarships, and heads for New York City.

Of Architecture Projects and Academic Freedom

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 12 Sep 2016 / News

In the latest blow to Egypt’s academic freedom, a private university destroyed some architecture students’ projects and fired a professor.

In Homs, a “Battle for Home”

Ursula Lindsey / 12 Sep 2016 / Opinion

A young Syrian architect uses her hometown as a basis for reflecting on the larger social and political role of architecture.

A Palestinian’s Tapestry: Teacher, Student, Journalist

Asma' Jawabreh / 11 Sep 2016 / Opinion

Grappling with the direction of her career, a young woman tries to find her niche in a blend of education and journalism.

Academy Awards Fellowships For Improving Teaching

Benjamin Plackett / 10 Sep 2016 / News

A new fellowship program introduces Arab teachers to best practices, and to each other.